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Exercise in the 'nooks' of life

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Exercising regularly is a challenge for myself, along with most of the planet. For me, there's an idea that there is this thing that I have to do regularly until the day I die. That's a big commitment. And I have commitmentphobia, so as you can guess, it's a struggle.

Which is strange because there have been times in my life where I thoroughly enjoyed exercising.

Tae bo with Billy Blanks back in the day. Using my yoga encyclopedia to complete a 13 week yoga course. Lifting weights. Even doing 300 sit ups a night in my teens.

Now, I have to trick myself into exercising by inviting a friend to the gym with me.

In the last few days of Carona virus quarantine I've been finding that tucking bits of exercise in between my scheduled to do list has been making exercise a sinch.

15 minute walk here, 30 squats there, 30 push up plopped between reading and making a video. I'm still building muscle and moving but it's not all at one time so it doesn't feel overwhelming.

Actually, now that i think about it, all of my successful exercise routines have been at home. Maybe that's part of the problem. Now that I'm a bit older and chunkier, it can be intimidating going to the gym and seeing all the young bucks in their crop top workout gear with flat stomachs and perky behinds. Also, having to do my hair and change into gym clothes? Forget about it...

Maybe once the quarantine is over, my gym membership will be too,

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