• Tassleem Lee

Cutting it close

Updated: May 3

Thursday April 30, 2020 12:15pm

So I just got paid $901.11 for 2 weeks work. Oye. That’s 3 days of work in the film industry. Really long days mind you, but still.

I transferred $945.00 into my savings to bring my total to $7205.20. Which means I’m still short by $128.12 to reach my end of month goal, and I have less than $150.00 in my checking account.

I really need to start making extra income. I’ll be working packing Seamoss on Saturday, so that will bring me up to my goal.

I signed up for Door Dash. So I think I’ll do that on Saturday and see what it’s all about. I got some mixed reviews about it. There were lots of comments that you don’t make that much money and it’s a lot of wear and tear on your car.

I think I’ll ask Sweet Face what he thinks since it’s his car I’ll be using.

I would really love to be doing more coaching, but I'm still learning how to attain clients and I have to do something in the mean time so I can reach my monthly goals.

I didn't reach my weight goal for the week. I’m 2 pounds over. I have had some days in the past week where I ate out of boredom. I need to put more pictures of my slimmer self up on the wall. A lil’ motivation to keep me going. My calorie intake for the past few days has been as follows;

Saturday = 1090

Sunday = 1580

Monday = 1155

Tuesday = 1240

Wednesday = 2060

I fell off yesterday. In the back of my mind I think because I haven’t lost that much weight in the past 2 weeks I was feeling less motivated. So I ate a whole box of Annie’s (the ‘healthy’ Kraft macaroni) and I ate a bunch of buttery popcorn late at night.

God damn you, you delicious buttery popcorn!

I’m still on the hunt for snacks that satisfy me.

The popcorn would’ve been good if I just stuck to eating it with Braggs soy sauce.

Anyhwho, we’ll see what that next couple weeks brings.



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