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Updated: Mar 24, 2020

I heard on a podcast recently that only a small percentage of things on your to do list ever get done. Most items just go to the to do list graveyard. What I find works for me is to keep the to do list. Make it long y'all. Put everything you can think of, including the things that need to be done daily, but slip away from you in your busy day.

Every morning leave an extra five minutes while you drink your lemon tea to schedule the priority items off your to do list.

For example, my list today (considering it is a carona virus quarantine day and I don't have to go to work) looks like this

* 10:15am - Wash your butt and get ready

* 11:00am - Edit and post video

* 12:00pm - Stretch

* 12:15pm - Do ECE workshop

* 2:45pm - Go for walk

* 3:15pm - Read and take notes

* 3:45pm - Work on tassleemlee website

* 4:45pm - Do 3 sets of 10 push ups

* 5:00pm - Clean living room

* 5:15pm - Read and take notes

* 5:45pm - Do whatever time

* 6:15pm - Film story time video for KKFCF

* 7:15pm - Chill with My Sweet

It is currently 4:14pm and I've done everything I was suppose to up until that time. Sometimes its not exactly on time because I might be making a snack or chatting with Sweet Face, but I keep it as close as possible. I already cleaned the living room because washing my butt took a lot less time than I thought. (I have a very tiny butt). So in that time slot I can clean something else or just relax and watch a Youtube video. Or if I'm feeling adventurous I can clean while listening to Youtube. Anywho... I shall proceed with the building of this site. It's not going to build it's self.

#timemanagement #lifestyle

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